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Sweetcorn is a type of maize which has been bred for its high sugar and low starch content. Once the cob has been picked the sugar in the kernels is steadily converted into starch which is why the flavour of home grown sweetcorn cooked within an hour or so of picking is so much better than the taste of shop bought corn. The 6-8 inch cobs are borne on 4-6 ft. stems and the tassels at the top of the adult plants are the male flowers while the female flowers or silks are above the immature cobs. There is still a widespread view that sweetcorn cannot be grown outside the southern counties but this is no longer true. In April raise seedlings indoors in pots and set them out in a sheltered sunny spot once all danger of frost has passed. With this method it would be a poor summer indeed for sweetcorn to disappoint even as far north as Yorkshire. Our selection is an early variety with large cobs intended for immediate consumption or for preserving.


Minimum Germination Temp: 15°C. Optimum Germination Temp: 19°C. Maximum Germination Temp: 30°C.

Sowing Depth: 4cm.

Garden: May.

Plant spacing: 40cm.

Full sun:

Harvest: August-mid September.

Seeds per packet (approx.): 35



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