Pak Choi White Stem

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Pak Choi White Stem

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Pak Choi White Stem, a non-heading leaf type Chinese cabbage that produces large, nearly round, smooth, glossy green leaves with snow white stalks. An easy to grow, fast maturing vegetable rich in Vitamins A and C Pak Choi White Stem is crisp and mild tasting and a great choice for oriental cooking. Cold hardy, the 8-10 inch spoon shaped leaves of Pak Choi White Stem can be harvested over a long period of time. Prefers a sunny position with rich soil and plants must have a plentiful supply of water throughout the growing period. This helps to maintain taste and will also reduce or avoid bolting. Sow thinly, ½ inch deep every two or three weeks from March to July in rows 12 inches apart. Baby leaves can be harvested in around one month or the plants can be left to mature in approx. two months.

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