Melon Pear or Pepino Dulce

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Melon Pear or Pepino Dulce

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The melon pear or pepino dulce is a fruit with variable shape and size. It is more or less round or oblong, and can be up to about 6 in (15cm) long. When ripe, the melon pear has a yellow-cream skin, with purple stripes. The flesh is juicy and moderately sweet and has the same texture as a melon. This shrub is native to South America, more precisely to Peru and Chile. While not really a new fruit, it is slowly being rediscovered. Melon pear or pepino dulce likes a sunny or semi-shaded, frost-free location, sheltered from strong winds, does well planted next to a south-facing wall or in a patio. The plants should be fertilised in a manner similar to tomatoes. Quite sensitive to moisture stress, their root systems spread out and are quite shallow, irrigation is therefore crucial for plant health as well as for pollination, fruit set and crop quality.

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