Garlic Chives

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Garlic Chives

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 Garlic Chives, sometimes called Chinese Chives are perennial herbs. They look like grass, similar to chives but have a gentle spicy aroma and a distinct but much milder flavour of garlic. A member of the onion family they are very easy to grow. Garlic chives will thrive and grow vigorously on any fertile, moist but well drained site in full sun. A relatively new vegetable in the western world, garlic chives are well known in Asian cuisine. Grows slowly in expanding clumps and besides its use as a vegetable the plants attractive flowers ensure that it is sometimes grown in perennial borders. Both the leaves and the stalks of the flowers are used as flavouring as well as a stir fry ingredient. The flowers can also be used as a spice. Garlic chives are extremely hardy and can survive very low temperatures (some have been know to survive -35 C) in winter and sprout again in spring when the temperature rises. To speed seed germination it is generally recommended that seeds be soaked in warm water (below 40 C) for about 24 hours prior to sowing. Uses include mixed in omelettes or scrambled eggs, all sorts of salads or chopped very finely and sprinkled over cooked new potatoes


Optimum germination temperature: 15-20

  Sow: Outdoors: April-May

 Sowing depth: 1 cm

  Harvest: 12-16 weeks after sowing



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