French Green Beans (Pole) Abundance

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French Green Beans (Pole) Abundance

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French Green Pole beans are beans which are bred to grow in the form of vines which cling to poles or trellises. Their growth habit makes them very easy to harvest, and many commercial bean producers grow pole beans for this very reason. These beans are also very easy to grow at home, so long as you live in a temperate to warm climate. French Green Beans (Pole) Abundance produces good quality pods of fine seeds in large clusters. Pole beans prefer an area with full sun and a medium rich, well worked seed bed preferably sandy loam. Light feeders, pole beans do not require a lot of fertilizer.  The poles, tepees or a trellis should be erected after 2-4 leaves have developed. A mulch of compost or straw is beneficial to control weeds and hold moisture. Keep the plants well watered in dry weather, especially if they are grown on an upright trellis or poles against a shed or house where soil tends to dry out. French Green Beans (Pole) Abundance matures approx. 65 – 80 days after sowing.


Optimum Germination Temp: 15°C.

Sowing Depth: 4cm.

Sowing dates:  outdoors May-mid July.

Plant spacing: 20-40cm.

Full sun.

Harvest: July-September.

Pack contents (approx.): 15 gm



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