Calabrese or Sprouting Broccoli

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Calabrese or Sprouting Broccoli

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Calabrese or sprouting broccoli has lots of shoots instead of one big flower. Calabrese is the type of broccoli which has the little branches as one large head. Italian Green Sprouting, an old favourite has kept its place despite the appearance of modern F1 hybrids because of its excellent flavour and reputation for a long cropping season.  Tasty and very productive Broccoli Italian Green Sprouting produces heavy crops of delicately flavoured spears long before the onset of winter. Calabrese or green sprouting broccoli is a useful but much underrated vegetable. Sprouting broccoli , like other members of the brassica family,  will produce a poor crop if the soil is loose or poor. Ideally the ground should be firm and rich in organic matter. Dig in autumn and work in plenty of well-rotted farm yard manure or compost if necessary.



 Optimum Germination Temp: 30°C.

 Sowing Depth: 0.5cm.

 Sowing date: Indoors  March-April. Outdoors April-May.

 Transplant : May - June.

 Plant spacing: 40cm.

 Full sun.

Harvest: August-September.

 Seeds per packet (approx.): 300



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