Cabbage Ditmarska Najwczesniejsza

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Cabbage Ditmarska Najwczesniejsza

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Excellent early season cabbage with a terrible name, Ditmarska Najwczesiejsza has a spherical head which often reach 1.5 - 2kg in weight. A fast maturing cabbage it can be sown indoors in February and is often ready as early as mid May. Very versatile you can grow Ditmarska Najwczesniejsza cabbage indoors in a greenhouse or tunnel or outdoors in the field. As with all cabbage this variety needs well consolidated soil so leave several months between digging and planting. Add farmyard manure to the soil when digging but never apply fresh manure before planting. Birds can be a problem and young seedlings will need protection from sparrows. Mature cabbage may also need some protection from pigeons.


 Minimum Germination Temp: 5°C. Optimum Germination Temp: 25°C. Maximum Germination Temp: 37°C..

Sowing Depth: 0.5cm.

Greenhouse: February-March.

Transplant: April-May.

Plant spacing: 40cm. approx.

Full Sun

Harvest start: mid May-July

Seeds per packet (approx.): 300



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