Beetroot Czerwona Kula

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Beetroot Czerwona Kula

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Beetroot is an easy to grow vegetable that is justifiably popular. It can be eaten all year round, straight from the garden during summer and autumn and from storage in winter and spring.  It can be eaten hot or cold and can also be pickled. Beetroot Czerwona Kula is an early spherical variety with wonderful red juicy flesh.  Beetroot can be rather slow to germinate but growth is rapid once the seedlings are through. When growing beetroot the secret is to avoid any check in growth and to harvest the roots before they become overgrown and woody Sow little and often and keep well watered in dry weather.


Minimum Germination Temp: 5°C - Optimum Germination Temp: 15°C - Maximum Germination Temp: 20°C.

Sowing Depth: 2 - 3cm.

Outdoors from April - mid July.

Plant spacing: 30 - 40cm.

Full sun.

Harvest: July - October.

Seeds per packet (approx.): 350



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