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 Seed Potato


A high yielding first early variety that has a tendency to bulk up later than other first early types.

Bred in Scotland by Jack Dunnett and introduced around 1968.

Foliage rarely reaches more than 24 inches tall and the white skinned tubers are short oval in shape.

Often described as a salad potato but equally suitable for other culinary uses.

The flavour of the soft, waxy, pure white flesh is universally describe as outstanding especially when boiled although when left in the ground a little longer the flesh has a more floury texture.

For many years Pentland Javelin has been considered to be one of the finest first early potatoes you can grow.

Shows good all round disease resistance with a particularly strong resistance to golden eelworm.

Easy to grow, making Pentland Javelin suitable for the novice gardener.

Supplied as Scottish Certified Seed.

As Ministry of Agriculture registered Seed Potato Merchants all our tubers are sourced from specially cultivated stocks.

Each and every order is picked and packed by hand and then labelled not only with the variety but also with the number of the grower and the crop number. This gives complete traceability right back to the field where your seed potatoes were grown and ensures you get the best possible seed potatoes.

We only dispatch seed potatoes at the appropriate time for planting

Ensure delivery of this very popular variety in time for the new planting season



When ordering please keep in mind that delivery dates may vary a little if harvest or weather conditions are difficult.