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To harvest new potatoes in time for your Christmas dinner you need to plant them in July or August.

When planting use cold-stored seed potatoes from specialist potato merchants or hold back some winter bought tubers yourself and keep them in the fridge.

Potatoes harvested in summer should not be replanted as they need to go through a long period of dormancy before the will bud and grow.

Most first or second early varieties can be used for cropping at Christmas but we recommend MARIS PEER

The method used is exactly the same as for spring planted crops.

In sheltered gardens especially in southern areas of British Isles tubers planted outside in mid-summer should be ready in late autumn/early winter.

They can also be grown in containers, tubs or bags on the patio and can be moved indoors if the weather turns really bad.

Potatoes will take approx. 12 weeks from planting until they are ready to harvest.

When growing outdoors weather conditions and your soil type will determine how you decide to store them but you must first wait for the foliage to turn yellow and die back before you remove it.

In well sheltered and frost-free sites with good draining soil you may be able to leave them in the ground and lift them as needed whilst on other sites it may be necessary to lift and store them indoors.

If growing in pots, containers or bags indoors remove the foliage after it has died off, leave the tubers in situ and use as needed. The soil should be allowed to dry out completely at this time.

We only supply Ministry of Agriculture Certified Seed Potatoes.


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