Thyme “thymus vulgaris

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Thyme “thymus vulgaris

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“thymus vulgaris”

It is a low-growing perennial that thrives on dry, chalky, stony soil- ideal for pockets in rock gardens. Divide or replace your stock every two or three years, when it becomes straggly and less aromatic. Above-ground part of the plant cut off at the start of flowering and then dried. Can be used as a seasoning to venison, cheese, soups, meat and smoked meat. One of the oldest herbs in culinary use, with a sweet and warming flavour and attractive scent. It blends well with many flavours in stuffings for chicken and veal. Believed to help digestion and goes perfectly with any rich or fatty meat, game or poultry dish. It also complements vegetables like tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines, so can be used liberally in ratatouille. Optimum Germination Temp: 15°C. Sowing Depth: 0.5cm. Greenhouse sowings : earliest: May, latest: June. Garden sowings: earliest: April, latest: May. Transplant to Garden: July – August. Planting Separation: 15 - 2cms. Harvest starts May, ends July.

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