Basil"ocimum basilicum"

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Basil"ocimum basilicum"

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"ocimum basilicum"

Annual plant with aromatic leaves for cucumber souring. Dried leaves are good for salads, cottage cheese, fish, roast meat and sauces. Basil came originally from India where it was used to cleanse and protect Hindu houses and temples. The flavour is sweet but slightly peppery. It is used extensively in Mediterranean and Greek cooking, blending particularly well with tomato dishes, soups, pasta, risottos and eggs. It also goes well with pork and cheese dishes. A half-hardy annual, it should be sown under glass in spring for planting out after the frosts. Alternatively, sow where it is to remain in mid- to late-May Basil needs well-drained soil and a sunny but sheltered position. Either remove the flower buds or cut the leaves before the flower opens. Some foliage should be left on however for a second harvest in the autumn.

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