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Salvia officinalis

Sage is an attractive, shrubby, perennial herb which is often used in ornamental borders and beds because of the clusters of beautiful inch-long violet-blue blossoms.

The medicinal properties of Sage are well known and documented.

Sage tea is said to be good for the blood and the nerves and is noted as an aid to the digestive system.

In treatments for hair conditioning and teeth whitening Sage has a part to play.

It was so popular in Roman times that a question often asked was, "How can a man die if he has sage growing in his garden?"

Today however the most common use is as flavouring for meat and poultry stuffing but is also used as a seasoning in soups, sauces, pies, sausages and cheese.

If dried slowly the leaves retain most of their flavour.

Fairly drought tolerant it loves full sun and will thrive on any well drained, average or even poor soil.

Despatched as well grown 3cm x 3cm plug plants which are best grown on in a 9 or 10cm pot for a short time before transplanting to their growing positions.



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