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Fennel is a short lived hardy perennial related to parsley and is indigenous to Europe. It is a greyish-green, hairless plant with vertically grooved branched stems which smell of aniseed when crushed. The three or four pinnate dark green leaves have feathery lobes and the yellow flowers appear from July to September. A Fennel plant yields both a herb and a spice with the spice coming from the dried seeds. It resembles Dill which it can cross-pollinate with and they should therefore be kept apart because the resulting seed will have a much dulled flavour. All plant parts are edible: roots, stalks and leaves. The flower heads are collected before the seeds ripen and threshed out when completely dried. The fruits are oblong and ridged. Fennel prefers to grow on bare ground in coastal areas. It is used as a flavouring in drinks and sweets and has been used as a vegetable and medicine since ancient time. Despatched as well grown 3cm x 3cm plug plants which are best grown on in a 9 or 10cm pot for a short time before transplanting to their growing positions.




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