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DILL Plug Plants

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Well known herb grown for its seeds and foliage. Originating from Eastern Europe this tender looking plant is much hardier than many people would have you believe and can withstand temperatures as low as -4. It is very versatile and can be used fresh, frozen or dried. The ferny foliage is a tasty flavouring for fish, lamb, new potatoes or peas. Old plants are used in souring cucumbers. Dill tastes much like aniseed and should be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming other flavours. Because cooking destroys most of its flavour Dill should be added at the end of cooking. Easy to germinate and tolerant of most sites Dill is an ideal choice for novice gardeners. Plant from April to August approx. 20cm apart and start to harvest around eight weeks later. An attractive plant with wispy feathery leaves it can also be container grown. Delivered as well grown 3cm x 3cm plug plants which are best grown on in a 9 or 10cm pot for a short time before planting out.




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