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foeniculum vulgare

Bronze fennel is a handsome, popular and hardy perennial vegetable but it is often grown as an annual.

Magnificent clumps of feathery, striking bronze foliage are crowned in mid to late summer by large flat topped lemon yellow flower-heads.

The blooms are followed by aromatic seeds which are sometimes left to ripen as a crop.

Growing up to 2m tall this giant fennel is often used as a dual purpose plant and combined with bergamot in flower beds or among tall perennials and grasses.

Simply stunning as a centrepiece in herb gardens.

All plant parts are edible, roots, stalks and leaves.

Fennel is used as a flavouring in drinks and sweets and has been used as a vegetable and medicine since ancient times

Use with fish, pork or in salads

Despatched as well grown 3cm x 3cm plug plants which are best grown on in a 9 or 10cm pot for a short time before transplanting to their growing positions.



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