Raspberry Canes Tulameen

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Raspberry Canes Tulameen

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A recent introduction Tulameen is now widely grown commercially but also does exceptionally well in the domestic fruit garden. Noted for outstanding fruit quality and yield, Tulameen produces heavy crops of large, bright, conical, glossy berries with an excellent flavour. Has an exceptionally long picking season, starting mid July and continuing on into mid August with the  highest yields being at the beginning of August. Tulameen is easy to pick, the fruit holds well on the cane even in poor weather. The fruits are large, around 5-7 grams each and the berries keep their shape well when picked. Fruit size is maintained throughout the picking season and also has excellent keeping qualities. Canes are tall, sometimes up to 6ft with few spines and are easy to manage. Self fertile. Tulameen is a floricane variety, producing fruit on second year wood. An important thing to note is this variety can be very late to emerge in spring and has good winter hardiness. Bred in British Columbia from a 'Glen Prosen cross and widely regarded as one of the best of the late cropping summer raspberries, it is now firmly established as the supermarkets' favourite variety. Canes should be planted with about 60cms between plants and 2.5 metres between rows.

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