Raspberry Canes Glen Clova

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Raspberry Canes Glen Clova

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Raspberry Cane Glen Clova is a very popular variety. The start of the raspberry picking season in many gardens is hearlded by the first pickings of Glen Clova. Very high yields of firm red berries are ready from early July. Although the flavour of the small to medium sized fruit is only described as fair this is an excellent variety for freezing or for catering. Growth can be vigorous when planted on suitable, well drained acidic soil, avoid chalk based soils as the plants tend to struggle and have yellow leaves. Raspberries are a thirsty crop so keep the plants well watered during the growing season, apply a good general fertilizer approx. 2 oz. per square yard along the rows of canes in March, water in and apply a mulch of well rotted farm yard manure or compost.  When canes have finished fruiting cut them back to ground level. When growing raspberries in containers it is important to remove any flowers from the canes in the first season after planting. All canes are Ministry inspected.


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