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Grapes are tough perennial plants which have been grown in Britain since as far back as Roman times. They don’t take up too much space and can be grown at the back of the border, in the greenhouse, along a fence or climbing up arbours and pergolas. A south facing site is preferred but south west, south east or a well sheltered spot will be fine. Make sure your plants have plenty of water; water is essential to make the fruit swell, little and often is best. The other big “must” is sunlight; grapes need sunlight to ripen properly, so choose a site that has good sunlight most of the day, do not be tempted to plant in a spot which will be shaded by trees or houses during the day. “Bianca” a white variety can be grown successfully outdoors but it does require a warm site. Ripening in mid October, it is a very reliable cropper with very high yields of fruit with an excellent flavour. Resistance to downy/powdery mildew and botrytis is described as very high. Your vine will be despatched approx. 80cm tall in a deep 13 cm pot and is ready to plant.