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NEW VARIETY REUBEN. Sycamore Trading are delighted to offer Reuben the world’s first primocane blackberry. (fruits on current seasons canes). If Reuben’s primocane habit is unique, the fruits are remarkable, they are quite simply the biggest and most succulent blackberries we’ve ever seen. Each spectacular berry is around twice the size of normal blackberries, approaching the size of a plum. The fruits have a striking, glossy appearance, are lusciously sweet and juicy with good acidic balance and turn blackberry eating into a new experience. Forget throwing a few tart blackberries in with apples to flavour a pie (although Reuben can of course be eaten in this way), eat these black beauties fresh from the garden just as you would a strawberry. Developed from the University of Arkansas breeding programme, trials have shown that Reuben will yield up to 3.5kgs of fruit per plant in the first year with an average berry weight of 14.5 grams. Blackberry Reuben is easy to grow and is ideal placed against a warm trellis or fence or can be grown in a large pot on your patio with canes in a pyramid for support. Because of it’s primocane habit there is the potential to get two crops every year, the normal summer crop on old canes, and a later crop on the current season growth.

Supplied growing in a 1 litre pot approx. 12-15 inches tall


Ensure delivery of this exciting NEW VARIETY in time for the planting season




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