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SEDUM Autumn Joy

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Sedum Autumn Joy or Stonecrop is without doubt one of the finest of all upright sedums. A versatile, clump forming herbaceous Stonecrop, it dies down in winter and reappears in spring with pale green stalks that mature into succulent leaves. When the flower heads change from pink to a rosy red in autumn this late bloomer adds a touch of colour to any garden. Rich in nectar Sedum Autumn Joy encourages beneficial insects such as lacewings hoverflies and ladybirds to populate the garden. It is an easy plant to grow, for best results, grow in full sun. Planted in partial shade it will become leggy and tend to topple over. A tough plant Sedum Autumn Joy will tolerate extreme heat and poor soil but dislikes over-watering which will cause it to die. A mulch of grit around the base of the plant will not only stop the growing stems from rotting, it will also look attractive. Best suited to a mixed or herbaceous border it can however be used in a rockery. Dig up and split sedum clumps every few years to encourage fresh growth and, of course, to make more plants. Grows approx. 35cm tall, it is recommended that when the plant reaches about 20cm it is cut back by half. This not only encourages more flower stems but better quality blooms as well.

Awarded Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

Plants are despatched as well grown jumbo plugs which are best grown on in 9 or 10cm pots for a short time before transplanting to their final positions.

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