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PEONIA Shirley Temple

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 Shirley Temple

 Peonies are herbaceous perennials growing from thick tuberous roots and are an essential part of most herbaceous borders.

 Named after the popular child star from the 1940s Peony Shirley Temple is still much favoured by many gardeners

 The new leaves, purple at first, push through the soil in spring, rapidly unfurl and turn green as they mature.

 Whilst the foliage is attractive, the flowers are truly stunning.

 Enormous, heavily scented, double white blooms with just a hint of rose are displayed on bold upright stems.

 Blooming late in the season on long stems this classic peony is much in demand as a cut flower.

 The huge blooms are heavy and it may be necessary to give the flower stalks some support.

 Extremely showy, peonies are not known as the aristocrats of flowering plants for nothing.

Dead head after flowering and apply a deep mulch of compost in spring.

Plants also respond well to a dressing of balanced fertiliser.

 An old favourite this free blooming variety is very dependable.

Peonies dislike being disturbed and once planted should not be moved except very infrequently.

 Long lived, it is not uncommon to find peonies over one hundred years old in some older gardens.

 With their enormous and glamorous flowers and glossy, deeply cut foliage it is easy to see why peonoies are held in such high esteem by gardeners all over the world.

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