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Foxtail Lilly. Native to Persia and Central Asia, this originates in dry, mountainous areas, and need good drainage and lots of sun.  Dense racemes up to 12” (30cm) of bright yellow flowers in June fading to orange brown, set against greyish green leaves. They grow to 48"(120cm), making a great impact.  Noble perennial plants with tuberous roots shaped rather like a dead starfish.  Whilst they might appeal as a plant for the back of the border, this often becomes a shaded site in the summer and is not ideal. Plant in any well drained soil about 6" (15cm) deep making the hole much larger than the root. Allow about 1 per sq ft. They might need a mulch against extreme cold as they emerge early. Care should also be taken against slugs. After flowering keep as dry as possible. Plants supplied as Bare-Root crowns.

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