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CANNA Tropicanna Gold

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Tropicanna Gold

Often called Canna Lily although they are not true lilies and are in fact related to the Ginger Plant.

A tender perennial plant with luscious tropical-like foliage and large very colourful iris-like flowers.

Despite its exotic appearance this is an easy to grow, low maintenance plant that offers long lasting flower and foliage colour in the garden.

The broad paddle shaped leaves of Canna Tropicanna Gold are a magnificent combination of lime green with narrow yellow or gold veining.

From June to October the wonderful foliage is topped with heads of ruffled, vivid orange flowers edged and occasionally brushed with soft bright yellow.

A truly stunning plant for a large container on a sunny patio.

A warm sheltered spot in full sun with moist, well fertilized, neutral or slightly acidic soil is the ideal site but they are adaptable enough to (and very many of them do) grow in containers.

When grown in containers the compost should be rich in organic matter and should be kept well watered.

Plant outdoors in early summer after all danger of frost has passed, place the rhizomes horizontally in the hole with the eyes facing upwards, cover with 3-4 inches of soil and water well. Plants should be spaced 2-3 ft. apart.

Cannas can also be started earlier indoors in small pots and transplanted outside.

In mild areas of the country Canna plants can be left in the ground all year round but it is advisable to cover them with a 6 inch layer of mulch in late autumn and even then if the winter is extremely wet or cold you may lose some.

If you live in a colder area it is probably best to grow them in pots or containers and these can be moved to a frost free place for the winter months otherwise the bulbs or rhizomes need to be lifted in autumn once the top growth has begun to wither and die.

The withered foliage and stems should be cut back to around 6 inches, excess soil removed and then after drying the rhizomes can be stored in slightly damp compost in a frost free place for the winter months.

Our Canna plants are supplied ex. 9cm pots and can be planted out immediately but may benefit from growing on for a short time in a slightly lager container before planting in their final growing positions.




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