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 Blue Giant

 The Nile Lily or Blue African Lily

Native to S.Africa, although they have now spread around the temperate world, their tidy evergreen foliage making them ideal subjects for pots and container planting.

 This easy to grow plant requires warmth, sunshine and a plentiful supply of water when growing.

Plant in March-May 15cm(6in) deep and 30cm(12in) apart in well drained soil, in sun or part shade, add some granular fertilizer for good summer displays.

 Plant in mixed borders where they will receive some shelter or in pots and containers.

Agapanthus plants produce strap-like leaves and an umbel of beautiful tubular sky-blue flowers on long elegant stems throughout the summer months and flower best when slightly pot bound.

Remove faded flowers and let stems die back in Autumn. A mulch of organic matter such as farmyard manure over the crown of the plant will give some protection against frost.

Plants in containers should be brought into a cold greenhouse, shed or garage during the winter and kept virtually dry.

Although it can take a couple of years for Agapanthus to establish, your patience will be rewarded with an abundance of flowers throughout the summer months.



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