Buxus semp. Common Boxwood

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Buxus semp. Common Boxwood

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Slow growing shrub with small  leathery leaves. The small dark green leaves have a distinctive aroma. Used extensively for low formal hedging and pathway edging. Its takes well to clipping and is the classic topiary plant. Shade tolerant, it will grow in any reasonable garden soil.  Plants are supplied bare-root, 20-25 cm tall with a very strong root system. Gallery picture shows a typical formal Boxwood hedge.

Pack 10 Plants (bare-root)

Ensure delivery in time for the new planting season


CARE OF BARE-ROOT PLANTS  Plants should be unpacked immediately upon delivered and if not to be used at once should be placed in a shallow trench and the roots completely covered with moist sand or soil. Plants treated in this way can be stored for some considerable time.