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SWEET PEA Miss Wilmott

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 Miss Wilmott

An annual climbing plant Sweet Pea have a good scent and are used as cut flowers or for covering unsightly objects in the garden. Named after the famous Victorian gardener and Introduced by Henry Eckford in 1901, Miss Wilmott has Salmon Pink bicoloured flowers and with its free flowering habit is perhaps one of the most attractive of all of the Old Fashioned Sweet Peas. Sweet Pea is actually very easy to grow. You simply plant them in the soil where you intend them to grow and leave them to it. In the UK and Ireland this is usually done in March or April. Sweet pea love cool moist weather and can be planted very early, sometimes even before the frost is out of the ground. Seeds germinate in 10-20 days. Mulching is recommended to keep soil temperatures low and the roots cool. Plants will continue to bloom if old flowers are picked off. Sweet pea prefers to be grown in full sun.


Sweet peas are poisonous!


Optimum Germination Temp: 18°C
Sowing Depth: 4cm
Garden March- April
Plant spacing15 - 20cm
Full sun
Flowering June-September
Height: 120cm

Seeds per packet (approx.): 10



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