Oriental Poppy “Papaver orientale”

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Oriental Poppy “Papaver orientale”

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Another flower of the old-fashioned set, Oriental poppies have been garden staples for centuries. There are now over 100 named cultivars on the market, but it's rare to see any of them available for sale.

Among the most flamboyant of the early summer flowers, with enormous, often frilly double flowers, some around 15cm (6in) across in loud colours, many are vermilion red, and most have black bases to the petals.

Although they are hugely spectacular, the foliage becomes untidy after flowering unless cut back a few weeks later. This does not harm the plants, but it does leave a large gap in the border unless vigorous, neighbouring plants can spread to occupy the space.

The trick is to plant in the back row, behind something like Helenium that will fill in the gaps after cutting the foliage down.

Don't be afraid of the vibrant colours of Oriental poppies. They will be long gone before nearby flowers begin to bloom and start to compete with them.

Many gardeners don't think poppies can be used as cut flowers, since just breathing on them can cause the petals to fall off in the garden but if you cut them just as the outer green calyx covering them begins to crack and the buds are beginning to open, they do quite well in water. Early morning or evening is the best time to cut them and they'll do even better in water if you remove the calyx.

Fully hardy and growing to approx 90cm they flower May/June and can be planted in full sun in any light, well drained garden soil, staking may be required because of the weight of the large flowers.

Very popular.

Growing instructions:

Optimum Germination Temp: 18°C
Sowing Depth: 0.5cm
Garden  sowing earliest: May
Garden – sowing latest: June
Plant spacing: 50cm
Sun / Shade: sun
Flowering start: May
Flowering end: June
Height: 60 - 80cm

Seeds per packet

800 approx.

Mixed colours