Dianthus x allwoodii “Dianthus”

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Dianthus  x allwoodii “Dianthus”

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Sometimes referred to as “Dianthus.hybridus”, but more commonly known as “Allwood Pinks”.

Derived from crosses and backcrosses of a number of species, including carnation, cottage pinks and  the shorter hybrids of "Dianthus alpinus".

Compact and vigorous, they bloom throughout the summer.

The flowers are fragrant and the foliage, grey-green.

Deadheading will prolong the flowering period.

Growing instructions:
Sow in greenhouse from August until late September.

Keep temp. close to 20ºC (68ºF) and the seed germinates in less than two weeks.
Transplant to garden: March to May
Plant spacing: 25cm
Full sun.
Flowering start: April second year
Flowering end: September
Height: 35cm

Seeds per packet

450 approx.



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