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Plant of the Month – July 2011


A genus of approximately 100 species and over 8,000 hybrids and cultivars most of which have been bred and developed for their attractive flowers although a few do have golden (i.e. Fuchsia Genii) or variegated leaves (i.e. Fuchsia Versicolor).

Originating in the mountainous regions of South America and New Zealand fuchsia can now be found all over the world and although not native to the British Isles fuchsia in one form or another can be seen growing in the majority of gardens in the U.K. and Ireland. It has become so well established that Fuchsia magellanica  and Fuchsia riccartonii two of the hardiest types are now growing wild in mild south and western areas of the region.

Very adaptable, there are varieties to grow in hanging baskets, others for pots and containers to be used as conservatory or patio plants and still others which are used in borders and beds, there are tender varieties, hardy varieties, (i.e. Fuchsia Mrs Popple),  there is even a hedging variety. I find it difficult to think of another plant which can be used in so many different sites and positions. In many gardens fuchsia are used in all of these situations and provide a riot of colour throughout the summer.

The choice of flower size and colour is almost as wide as the number of varieties, pink, white, red, purple, orange, blue, and an almost endless combination of these colours. From blooms as big as your fist right down to some which are not much wider than a match stick. Some have single type flowers others have double type flowers while others have huge blooms with many petals arranged like miniature petticoats.  It’s well near impossible not to find a fuchsia to suit any situation or colour scheme.

Easy to grow, fuchsia performs best in a moist, well drained, fertile soil in full sun or slight shade. They need a steady supply of water during the growing season and a liquid fertiliser should be applied every two or three weeks. In winter plants should be kept slightly moist and protected from frost.

If you need to increase your stock or to replace old plants fuchsia cuttings root easily by various methods during late spring and summer.