10 Jobs for January

If you have snow, brush it off conifers and trees with lightweight branches, a heavy fall of snow will splay and break branches and spoil the shape of the trees.

Weather permitting continue to plant bare-root and root-balled trees and hedging.

Dig any plots not already dug.

Prune apple and pear trees. Prune any overgrown shrubs or hedges except Prunus species.

Inspect any stored tubers, corms or bulbs. i.e. Potatoes, Begonia, Dahlia etc.

Begin to force rhubarb.

Take root cuttings from herbaceous plants.

Clean all debris and algae from paths and walkways, this helps prevent them becoming slippery and dangerous.

Check all stored fruit and vegetables and discard any showing signs of decay.

Continue to put out food for the birds.