Many types of plants will root easily and quickly in water, follow our 5 simple rules and watch your stock multiply.

1.  Choose healthy shoots of new growth and cut into lengths of approx. 4-5 inches.

2.  Cut immediately below a leaf joint and remove the lower leaves, you then have a clean, stem to dip in the water.

3.  Put the stems of the cuttings into a glass of water, (jam jars are very useful for this purpose) and rest the top leaves on the rim of the glass, this keeps the end of the stems off the bottom  of the glass and it doesn’t matter whether you root them singly or in bunches. Fill the glass right up to the rim and place in a bright, warm position out of direct sunlight.

4.  Keep the water glass topped up with water and within a few weeks you should see the first white roots start to emerge from the stems.

5.  When a good root system has developed pot the cutting up separately into small pots of compost and keep moist. After about 5-6 weeks start to feed and pinch out the growing tips of the new plants to encourage them to branch.

Houseplants which will root successfully by this method include, African violet, coleus, begonia, geranium, impatiens or buzzy-lizzie, rubber plants, tradescantia or wandering jew, verbena and no doubt many others. Tomatoes can also be propagated in this manner.