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A striking new variety Charlie Boy has been described as


Sword-like leaves in rich burgundy edged with shinning cerise pink.

A sensational and striking combination.


Last chance to mow grass and trim hedges in mild areas.

Divide herbaceous perennials and rhubarb crowns

Prune climbing and rambling roses.

Plant daffodils, tulips, crocus and other spring flowering bulbs.

Plant autumn onion sets.

Prune out all canes on blackberries and loganberries that have finished fruiting.

Begin to take hardwood cuttings.

Clear up fallen leaves regularly.

Plant out spring cabbages.

Harvest apples, pears, grapes and nuts.



Before going on holiday remember to arrange to have your plants watered while your away.

Harvest vegetables as they become ready.

Deadhead all flowering plants regularly

Lift and pot up rooted strawberry runners.

Continue to water containers, and new planted items, preferably with grey recycled water or stored rainwater.

Adult vine weevils are active now so take measures to eradicate them.

Raspberry canes which have finished fruiting should be cut to soil level.

Remove the lower leaves on tomatoes and let air circulate around the fruit, this helps reduce the chance of diseases.

Start to take cuttings from some of your favourite shrubs.

Trim box hedging and topiary