ESCALLONIA laevis “Gold Ellen”.

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ESCALLONIA laevis “Gold Ellen”.

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ESCALLONIA laevis “Gold Ellen”.  Sometimes called "Hopley's Gold". Evergreen shrub with rich golden leaves,  splashed green. Pink chalice shaped flowers are borne in summer but “Gold Ellen” is not as profuse as other Escallonia cultivars. Used more for leaf colour than flowering qualities. A tough reliable plant, if it become leggy simply cut it back and it will regenerate easily. Frost hardy and drought tolerant, it is extremely useful in exposed seaside locations. Will grow in full sun or partial shade, in any reasonable garden soil and if left untrimmed may eventually reach a height and spread of 6 ft x 6 ft. A very popular and striking shrub. Plants are supplied as well rooted jumbo plugs 10-12 cm tall, ready to plant and grow on in 9/10 cm containers and should be ready to plant out in late Spring or early Summer.

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