PTEROSTYRAX hispida Epaulette tree

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PTEROSTYRAX hispida Epaulette tree

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Epaulette tree

A deciduous large shrub or tree native to China and Japan and introduced to the British Isles around 1875.

Little known and very rare this eye catching ornamental flowers in late spring when most other trees have finished.

The leaves, similar to those of the Snowdrop Tree are bright green on top with a silvery sheen below in spring and summer and turn a pleasant shade of yellow before falling in autumn.

In late spring and early summer small bell shaped creamy white fragrant flowers approx. 1/3in long are held in spectacular drooping clusters which are often 10ins or more in length.

These pendulous clusters are said to resemble epaulettes and give the plant its common name.

Flowers are followed by clusters of small dry spindle-shaped fruits covered with light brown hairs or bristles and persist well into winter.

Completely hardy, Epaulette trees will grow in most soils but will not tolerate a shallow soil over chalk.

A moderate grower (around 2ft per year) it will ultimately reach approx. 25ft. and will flower much better if given a hot sunny position.

Flowering begins when the tree reaches around 8-10ft in height.

Very rare and seldom offered for sale.

Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Plants supplied ex. 9cm pot




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