FICUS carica or Brown Turkey Fig

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FICUS carica or Brown Turkey Fig

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Brown Turkey Fig

A handsome, highly ornamental spreading shrub or small tree with large, glossy, deeply lobed deciduous leaves.

Insignificant flowers are produced in spring followed in summer by edible fruits known as figs.

Usually around 10cm long the fruits are green at first but mature and ripen to purplish brown.

Certainly one of the best figs for the British climate and if given a sunny sheltered site should crop reliably.

A south or south-west facing wall is ideal and in a hot summer it will produce an abundance of pear shaped fruit with red flesh.

Available for picking from August the fruits are rich and sweet and are a natural source of vitamin C.

Usually one crop of fruit per year but in a particularly hot summer or if grown under protection a second crop is possible.

Fully hardy Ficus carica will tolerate most soils (except poorly drained) and likes a position in full sun.

Can also be grown successfully in a pot or container in fact some growers plant in a lined pit or in a large pot in the ground to restrict root growth as unrestricted root growth is said to lead to poor fruiting.

Drought tolerant when established, Ficus carica is also an excellent shade plant.

Leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow before falling in the autumn.

An interesting and easy plant to grow and one of the oldest fruits in cultivation.

Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

 All pictures used are of mature plants in full bloom and may not necessarily reflect plants at all times of the year.

Our plants are supplied ex. 8cm pots, they can be planted out immediately but better results may be obtained if they are grown on for a short time in a slightly larger container before transplanting to their final growing positions




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