AUCUBA japonica

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AUCUBA japonica

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Often called "Spotted Laurel" this resilient evergreen shrub has become popular because it will thrive in the most inhospitable areas of the garden where little else will grow.

It copes well with dry shade, urban pollution and almost anything else you can throw at it except waterlogged or alkaline soil.

With thick, glossy, dark green leaves, finely speckled gold this reliable shrub does not lose its variegation even in shade but the blotching shows best in full sun.

Small, insignificant clusters of maroon coloured flowers in spring are followed in summer by bright red berries which are harmful if eaten.

Spotted laurels can be used to light up a shady corner, as a specimen shrub or can be grown as a dense hedge.

When pruning always use secateurs and avoid cutting the large leaves.

Slow growing, will reach a height of around 8ft after 10 years,

To help promote bushy growth, cut back any straggly branches in spring and apply a generous mulch of compost or well rotted manure after pruning.

This versatile shrub has been award the R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit

 Growing in a 9 cm pot the plant is approx 20 cm high when despatched


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